Conductive Education Evaluation Project (CEEP)

Michigan State University’s Conductive Education Evaluation Project (CEEP) is a research study offering

2 -6 year old Michigan residents with cerebral palsy a free 4-week session at the Conductive Learning Center (CLC) in Grand Rapids. Children are enrolled in a session that fits their age and abilities, and is convenient for their family’s schedule.  Enrollment is continuous so there is no deadline for participating.


CEEP enrolls children who:

  • are diagnosed with CP

  • are 2-6 years old when starting CLC

  • are Michigan residents

  • speak english

  • have never attended Conductive Education

  • see well enough to make eye contact

  • can carry out simple instructions

  • have no chronic medical conditions that would interfere with regular attendance at CLC

can stop receiving current physical therapy, or other programs for CP, for 4 weeks while attending CLC

Time & Transportation:

  • Families must be willing to transport their child to CLC for 4 weeks, Monday - Friday, for a 3 or 5 hour program. Children ages 2-3 will be enrolled in the "Parent and Child Group" session, where the parent or caregiver stays with the child at all times.

  • After a free 4-week session at CLC, there is NO obligation to continue Conductive Education. You are free to participate in whatever services you and your child prefer.


What is Conductive Education?

Conductive Education (CE) combines the development of physical, social and thinking skills in a daily educational program for children with motor disabilities such as CP or spina bifida. Its goal is to teach children how to make the most use of their muscles, and to encourage social interaction and independence. Children learn in a small group setting with attention to individual needs. Many CE activities use rhythm, music, and specially designed exercise equipment. 

CE was developed in Hungary in 1945 and is currently practiced in over 30 countries. Grand Rapids' private, non-profit Conductive Learning Center (CLC) was established in 1998. Find out more at

How to enroll in the CEEP study?

  • You and your child will be interviewed by the CLC director for eligibility 

  • If eligible, your child will be assessed with standard tests to learn about their movement abilities. These assessments can be enjoyable for children. Assessments will be videotaped, with copies available on request.

  • Parents will be asked to complete several questionnaires about their child's physical and social skills and activities.

  • At no cost, your child will receive a 4-week CE session (60-100 hours) at CLC

  • After the CLC sessions, you and your child will complete another set of assessments and questionnaires 

  • All information will be kept strictly confidential.

CEEP Study Team

Madeleine Lens, MSPH

Nigel Paneth, MD, MPH

Deborah Weiland, MSN

Dept. of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Michigan State University

909 Fee Rd., rm B601

East Lansing, MI 48824

517-535-8623  ext. 114