I just wanted to write you this note and thank you and your organization for the wonderful wheelchair ramp. To be sure, when we first got it, we only had the wheelchair from the school plus the umbrella stroller. Just those two things alone were much easier to use. And let me tell you, I have a sensitive back and it even helped me! But my story doesn’t end there...

Just this last two weeks we got a wheelchair for my daughter. It was fitted for her and it fits like a glove. I would say this would have been the most wasteful way to spend $5000 had it not been for the wheelchair ramp. Think about it....if you have this great wheelchair but no way of getting it inside the house, how helpful can that be? And the best part is that the wheelchair ramp is easy enough to move from the front to the garage door. One additional big advantage is that it allows us to have her go inside and outside of the house effortlessly. This has been really important this summer since she loves to go to the community pool. There is less planning and effort for my wife and I. This really helps her...us....gain a level of independence that we wouldn’t have. Plus, if I had to build a wheelchair ramp out of wood myself, then we’d be limited to using it only on one door.

That’s why my family and I are so happy to have this wonderful wheelchair ramp. It really helps bridge the gap making life in the wheelchair much less effort than before. Remember my wife and I had to carry her up and down the steps all the time.

My family and my back thank you... Keep up the excellent work and I’m hoping other families will benefit as much as we did.



Michael M. Jordan 
(Karyn Jordan’s father)