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Carry For CP Challenge: What Will You Carry?





In June of 2014, two brothers from Michigan made national news bringing awareness for Cerebral Palsy. Hunter Gandee carried his younger brother, Braden, 40 miles from Bedford Middle School to The Bahna Wrestling Center at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. 


Hunter and Braden have since been spotlighted on NBC Nightly News, WWE Raw, local and national news outlets, on a Wheaties box, they've thrown the first pitch at a Tigers game, and more! In November, they will even be featured on CBS's Courage in Sports.


We, at UCP Detroit, want to honor their incredible accomplishment by challenging all of you to take part in the "CARRY FOR CP CHALLENGE." Now it's your turn to carry something to help raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy. So, what will you carry?










Taking the Challenge:


- Take a PICTURE or VIDEO of yourself carrying something to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy.


- Post that picture to Social Media Outlets and challenge 4 friends to do the same. Once challenged, you have 40 hours to either post a picture of yourself carrying something for Cerebral Palsy or donate $40 to UCP Detroit. Then, you get to challenge 4 of your friends!


-  Make sure you use the Hastags: #Carry4CPChallenge and/or #WhatWillYouCarry


- Please, be mindful and careful when carrying for CP. We don't want anyone getting hurt or risking damage to themselves or others while carrying to support CP.


- Have fun! Be creative!




Find out more about Hunter and Braden HERE.



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